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Super Proxy Helper will help you to check proxy,find anonymous
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It's amazing what technology can do for us, we just take our computer, our cell phone, our digital cable decoder, our DVD, or any other piece of electronic that we have and then we use it. But the funny thing is that, in most of the cases, we don't have the slightest idea of how any of that stuff really works, and sometimes we don't actually care. The only thing we care is that the technology must work where and when we need it. I think this software is one of those cases. Nowadays we are very used to the internet, we go online, chat with friends, we look for things, we buy, we go to the bank, we plan our vacations, we read our emails, we work and so on, but Do we actually care about how the internet works? If we could count all the devices of devices that bring the internet alive, and maybe I'm saying something silly, we would take many months or even years to count them. Between routers, switches, multiplexers, network cards there should be billions! Well if you have a big knowledge of the internet, Super Proxy Helper could be of use to you. It can manage many functions that an IT specialist should use 24/7. It can in one screen and without going very far, how the computer you are working with connects to the internet and in wich way. It shows status, ports, routes, IPs, pings, and server's fingers. All of these functions can be obtained by working in the command prompt of windows XP or Vista, but you would have to type each one of them. If you are an IT Specialist, I would recommend you to use it, it may make your life easier. If you are one of those who just use the technology and don't care about how it works, don't even download it, it's not for you ;)

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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